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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1) ANZAC Day 2) CBCA Notables Workshop 5 May

ANZAC day, 25th April is the remembrance day of soldiers and served people in Australia. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Originally it was to honour the ANZAC members who fought in Gallipoli against Turkey in WWI. 100 years have passed. 
Casualty : Over 80,000 Arab and Turkish soldiers were killed. Their wounded number was doubled Australian soldiers. Nearly 9,000 Australian soldiers lost their lives. About 140,000 allied troops were killed or wounded. Total : Estimated causality was nearly 400,000 on both sides. Thank you, my dear friend and anthropologist's research data from Australian Museum site. 
I love the picture book, "One Minute's Silence," that remembers the war from both sides and helps us to pass on the importance of peace to the present. I always cry, when I read that book.  
Btw, Come over, "CBCA 2018 Notables Workshop" in Pinerolo on 5th May in Blue Mountains. I will do presentation and learn from other great creators. 
Friends, Happy Painting and Happy Illustrating! 

    Margaret Hamilton shared a postBooks and bubbles! What else do we need? Come on 5May to celebrate these amazing creators and their books.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Biennale Sydney, Carriageworks

I enjoyed a volunteer Exhibition Host in Biennale Sydney at Carriageworks this week! Being a volunteer gives studying opportunities of prominent modern artists in the world. I’ll show interesting works. One lady began to lay down and silently appreciated Chen Shaoxiong’s “Views” for quite a while. I sketched her and the work. After looking at the work, the lady and I exchanged the best smile! 
In the “Views,” You can project your shadow onto the work that partially moves and be a part of art work. Shaoxiong's black and white work, nostalgic and a little melancholic, attracts many visitors.  People love it and take photos.
 This is the inside of the work. You can see the size. 
 A bird is moving around between branches. 
This is my shadow, which turns to be an art work! 
My another favourite is Sam Falls’ work. Falls creates abstract landscapes, covering large swathes of canvas with organic matter such as branches, leaves, flowers that related to an original place. Colours are lovely and images are sweet that make me comfortable.
Semiconductor (= Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) creates vivid zig-zag moving images with sounds. 
George Tjungurrayi, an Indigenous Australian, makes abstract canvases with linear patterns that represent landscapes. Very bright colours and his style is modern  that is out from a traditional style. Actually, his paintings remind me of the desert in Australia. They are very distinct in colours under the strong sun.    
Michael Stevenson’s work is beyond my perception. He created “the mini campus” of the compatibility of two start courses in uni : A Mission Class in 1982 and Stamford Uni Computer Science 2012 or religious and technology. I did not get the content of the two different units. But one smart young visitor interpreted that some students felt a headache and a tummy bug in the Mission Class and tablets/medicines were developed in thirty years later? Oh, it could be? It is a great fun to have a chat with visitors and hear their interpretations. The photo shows the Computer Science unit.  Centralised visitors told us lots of stories in a chat.  
Sharing is the beauty of our volunteer work and group activity. Let's share our experiences. We enjoy the shift! Being a volunteer is lovely to know others and contribute to society. I’ll post art works in Cockatoo Island, later.
Friends, Happy Painting!


Friday, April 13, 2018

CBCA 2018 Notables Workshop @ Pinerolo

What a great honour! Invited to Pinerolo by Margaret Hamilton, a very successful publisher. I'm delightedly planning presentation with a dummy, black and white and colour roughs. I'll learn a lot from others. Come over, Friends!
It's lovely to share joy with bloggers. Many friends have got into art and are achieving a lot. I did not expect myself to be invited by Margaret one day, when I started a career. But it's happening. Wow! I'm expanding networking and connecting more peakbodies national and international in picture book publishing industry. You can timely see the activities in my facebook.  

I'm getting busy with the ongoing project. I've been working on images day and night and enjoying portraits. Thank you for a great support and understanding of my irregular post. 
Btw, I enjoyed a long distant swimming, 1 km after work. Very warm. So nice and refreshing. Friends, you're my treasures and assets. Happy Painting and Enjoy Life! 


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

CBCA Professional Development Conference

Busy, busy with my ongoing projects!! Yet, I enjoyed "CBCA the Short List Professional Development Conference" for the first time. Applause to the shortlisted creators! CBCA promotes us, creators. There, I met Books in Homes. Very interesting to listen to CBCA judges’ choice of books and why. Apart from the shortlist, two amazing picture book creators were key speakers : an author, Jackie French and an illustrator/author, Bruce Whatley.

In 2014, I sat just next to Bruce and sketched him in an airplane on the way to Melbourne, when I was invited to Helen Chamberlin’s Dromkeen Medal Award Ceremony. When I chatted over it, he clearly remembered it (Thank goodness, sketching!). "What a small world!" he exclaimed. Generous Bruce taught me lot and answered my technical questions. That’s a great bonus! I’ll keep up. 

Jackie’s speech is one of the most enthusiastic ones I’ve ever seen in my life. Really, WOW! I’ve also got why mentor Ann James said, “See Jackie. She’s giving, giving!” When she signed a book, she was so caring for each one.…I felt "love" in Jackie's passion. "Your heart is full of love," I said. Honoured that she liked my sketch. Thank you very much, Jackie French, a superstar, for kindness in a crazy busy time. I'm learning a lot from the conference. Thank u very much, CBCA, for giving me a wonderful opportunity to know our industry more than ever.
The photo is after the conference. L to R. Jackie Hawkes (CBCA), Peter Large (Books in Homes Australia), Susanne/Susie Gervay, Anna Moulton (Magabala), Gail Erskine (CBCA). Kind Gail introduced me as one of creators. Peter and I talked over the importance of literacy and social inequality. Education/curriculum and literature/publication will go hand in hand. Books in Homes Australia has been distributing books to the disadvantaged. Peter's enthusiasm and their objectives overlap my thoughts and touches my heart. We've promised to keep in touch! 
A conference is wonderful for networking. I'm a novice and life long learner forever. Friends, attend conferences and make friends with others. Of course, sketch around.
Happy Painting!! 
Helen Chebatte (One of Judges for Short List)


Monday, March 26, 2018

Hello! from Australia 2018

My mentors, Books Illustrated (Ann James and Jess Haddon) has left for Bologna Children's Book Festival in Italy, leading our Australian team from 26 to 29 in March! The 2018 Hello! from Australia, a collective Australian picture book stand will promote our Australian picture books to the world, funded by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. This fair is the largest international book fair specialising in children’s books and is most prestigious for its particular focus on book illustration. It is a highly regarded event, popular for showcasing products and services related to the field of publishing and licensing, along with discovering new market trends in children’s book industry. If you bump the Australian team, say, "Hello!" 
I hope Ann and Jess a safe and happy trip! Go, go, Australian team!!  
Australian Collective Stand Bologna 2018: Hall 25, Stand B66
Including a feature display of notable Australian Indigenous books
See Books Illustrated's calalogue, here. 


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Good Paper is Vital for Washes

Quality papers are essential for good watercolour painting work, particularly, for washes. Arche, smooth, 300 gsm is my favourite. I carry a 185 gsm sketchbook and a 300 gsm A4 pad in a backpack. A tragicomedy is sometimes, I accidentally draw a good work on a thin paper, 185 gsm. (Usually, it is a daily sketch and preliminary research.) Oh, no! It happened on this work. I tried my best to make a smoke and a smooth dark background. I hope you can enjoy it. Btw, have you ever experienced the same pain? 
A Smoker's Coffee Break 
He was a good young man seeking for his own direction in life. 
We enjoyed a chat over life. It inspired me. Thank u! 
I tried a background twice or three times, phew! I'm not happy with the outcome of his smoke. As well as the smoke, I'm still thinking of the allocation of vanishing edges in this work. 
So, I'll try the work again on 300 gsm. Creating washes and playing with wet-in-wet is easy on thick papers. Thick papers will give us freedom of expression and joy in sophisticated techniques. 
Btw, my mentors, Books Illustrated (Ann James and Jess Haddon) has left for Bologna Children's Book Festival in Italy, leading our Australian team. I hope they will have a wonderful time there and a safe trip. 
Now, I will get back to the ongoing projects and research. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

1) Wave Heads 2) A great response to Prof Hawking image on FB

Very strong winds bashed/blew up wave heads at Narrabeen. The splashes and yellow orcher sand amused me. Can you believe that Sydney, it was more than 40'? In this sketch, paints got very quickly in a hot air or too soon. I tried three sketches on spot and learned the importance of speed to create washes in an extremely warm weather. Not easy, but I've got some clues. I want to challenge the blown up waves' heads more. 

After the sketching, I enjoyed a long distant swimming. Come over, Sydney! Many blogger friends in a northern hemisphere have begun to feel the visit of spring. I hope you'll enjoy capturing waves by watercolour in an upcoming supper.  
Thank you very much for a great response and many "likes" on my Prof Hawking portrait both on my Facebook and the post shared by Accessible Arts NSW on Facebook. Accessible Arts NSW  and I are very happy. I hope the image will bring others hope.    
Now, I'm working on projects, research and roughs.  
Friends, you, too, enjoy life. Happy Painting!