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Monday, September 1, 2014

Sketch Musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Try"

Hi, Friends, I'll take you to a theatre today! Sydney sketch club challenged "mission impossible," sketching a musical in almost darkness! But I sketched a lot. I'll chat over the play and drawing technical tips. The final year students of the Australian Institute of Music Theatre Faculty offered us the musical for freebie! 

Hedy LaRue, "A Secretary Is Not A Toy." 
For the first time, I used soft oil pastel. Interesting. Need more experiments. 

A musical, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Try" is a satirical comedy that discloses problems in big business. Unfair promotion involved with kinship & old school tie, relationship, sexism, backstabbing competition for promotion and irrational lust for commercial benefits and so ons are smartly wrapped with humour and nice music. The story follows the rise of a young man, Finch who uses a handbook called "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying." He climbs up the corporate ladder from a window washer to a top. A time setting is 1960s.
Finch & Secretary  
The theme is the importance of humanity. Like I promised you if I found "how to get success," I will share with you. OK, my conclusion is need to define what success is. So, I'll leave it to you. "Enjoy the play by your own!" ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ 
A protagonist, Finch gets a happy ending though, I felt interest in another NEW window washer, Bud Frump holding the handbook... behind Finch's happy finale. Yeah, if Bud uses that book... gulp...will he rise like Finch?!
Finch gets favour of a 25-yrs working mailroom head, Mr. Twimble. 
They sing "The Company Way."

Regarding sketching a musical, a practical approach is "discover social conventions" and capture them in sketches. Although it's very hard to draw in darkness, one technical solution is learning to draw without looking at own hand and paper. Another tip is to seize the most dramatic/crucial moments/scenes in the play. All these tips are very similar to picture book illustration. Why?

Setting, a scenario and body language use our social conventions to convey symbolic meanings, which is same as picture book illustrators do. Character design amuses me. It's a good example of social agreement. It reveals culture and value in society. Think of a typical bad guy in a business company. How do you set his character? How does he look like? What costume and what colour does he put on? Setting in a theatre also uses a limited space efficiently and very clever. Especially, light and colours on a stage and setting interest me so much. It reminds me of page and space. In the play, "Book Voice" works excellent. Ahahahaha, different though, I remembered a tv show "Big Brother." Got an image? I paid attention when audience laughed.
Boss Mr Biggley, Bad guy/sneaky/nepotistic little nephew Bud Frump 
& Hedy LaRue,(Mr Biggly's secret mistress).

So, for me, to watch a big hit play is a very important study at the same time. They all deepen knowledge and develop drawing skills to create picture books. Wonderful and helpful. Yes, picture book illustrators are no less than film directors. In our industry, very famous and successful picture book illustrators are, you can find, originally from a film/animation industry and vice verse. Films and plays are very good case studies for illustration.
"Paris Original"
All secretaries/girls ironically put on the same dress at a party!
Oh, each girl expected she should be the best. 

This already classic play is still popular. It's my another interest to think of why classic wins popularity. It implies same old issues remain in our modern society.

In addition, the final year students are excellent!!! They gave us a fabulous afternoon of free entertainment. Youngish and so talented students! They asked us for donation for Cancer Council! Good on them!! I happily put some money into a box. When I left the theatre, I said the special thanks to a music mixer and a receptionist. I hope they would pass on my thanks to other students. 
Sketching a musical play is hard, but we can do it! I'll explore oil pastel more. 

Let's challenge something new and explore it. 
Above all, let's have fun and enjoy a theatre play!
Friends, Happy Painting!!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sydney Tea Pot Show & Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Firends, I belong to two sketch clubs : Urban Sketchers and Sydney Sketch Club. Sydney sketch club went to Tea Pot Show @ Inner City Clayworkers Gallery. Wow, I got stunned by so many unique pots from whimsical art work to very elegant tea pots. Sure, tea lovers and ceramic collectors will steam up for these fabulous ceramics. All the photos are by courtesy of Organiser, Jennifer. Enjoy them all.  

This is the gallery. Really a pretty small shop. Our sketchers are at the entrance in the sketch. Gallery Host Irene welcomed us. Happy surprise was to find that Irene was also a Sydney Sketch Club member! 

Oh, quirky and beautiful pots! We usually meet for 2.5 – 3 hours and then gather for a show’n’tell. I chose this humorous pot, a very sexy gentleman standing next to his wife (*a bit shame I ran out of time to sketch his wife). Very colourful, vivid and cheerful. Irene, Gallery Host said, "All this artist's work looks like her face!" and showed me the photos. Ohhhh! Interesting and yes, indeed, they all look like her. 

Can you believe all these are pots? You can use them for tea! 
A "practical use" is the only condition an artist must satisfy.
All pots are on sale.
The witchery of pots made us "Ohhh, ahhhh" or chuckle?! 
All sketchers created interesting drawings. 
We enjoyed sketching.
Group activities are very important for artists to make friends with others and for mutual help. The beauty of this club is "having lunch together." (*Come & go is all up to members. No obligation.) Regarding a social side, of course, chatting is fun and stress busting. Also, this is when we can discuss techniques and materials used – sketchbooks are often shared around. We'll get inspirations and tips. I should come to sketch more often.
We greatly appreciate the organiser Jennifer's hard work during the meeting. She takes lots of photos and later, will upload them at our club site. Furthermore, she encourages each attendance, negotiates event organisers and explores potential excursions. *I seriously believe we have to set a special thank-u day for Jennifer. 
BTW, I've begun to loose up architecture like my figures! Fun, not pain. I played with colours. This time, I did not have time to think twice, just worked on a building and moved onto a pot in the gallery. Mmmm... "strict time limit" worked a positive way? Yey, Sadami, keep up! This sketch club's very interesting events visiting may cure my dislike-of-architecture. 
Each member uses a very different watercolour kit. Interesting! 
Friends, do ye know? We'll go to a theatre next week! "Sketching Theatre -- "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Try" (musical comedy). Can you believe this? FREE!! (yes that says free) Entertainment of superb quality by the final year students of the Australian Institute of Music Theatre Faculty. What a wonderful opportunity! Again, it is Jennifer who has picked up such a fantastic event. 
The play is a satire of big business. The story follows the rise of a protagonist who uses a handbook called "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" to climb the corporate ladder from a lowly window washer to a high-powered executive.
We'll sketch the stage, setting, etc and of course, all of us want to know the theme...!!! Hehehehe, if I can find "how to", I'll share it with you??! That's what we want to know! 

Do you feel like joining us? Come and see the meet up page here! 
Special thanks for Jennifer and Clayworkers Gallery.
Friends, Happy Painting!!!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

1.Archibald2014, Most Famous Portrait Prize in Australia 2.CBCA winners

Hi, Friends, come and see Archibald. The most famous portrait prize in Australia. I'd post sketches of a winner Fiona Lowry, "Penelope Seidler," and intertesting portraits, a winner Fiona Lowry, "Penelope Seidler," and intertesting portraits, Sophia Hewson, "Atrtist kissses subject (Missy Higgins!)," Anh Do, "Father." I've felt 2014 Archibald is different from other years. NSW Gallery staff said, "Yes, the committee has changed. Different judges." I see... 
You can find 
1) more small works in, (but no watercolour), 
2) more "ordinary" models work in, not super-famous people. eg) artist's parents, a son, next door, butchery  -- it has surprised me and encourages me!  
3) some first try artists in. 
In a technical aspect, the finalists show wonderful diversity. An individual approach is very unique that excites me so much. 

Archibald winner Fiona Lowry's work shows the grace, dignity and beauty of old people. 
Fiona was a Doug Moran winner in 2008 -- I remember her self-nude very well, a young lady! Fiona uses a very interesting approach, acrylics and air brush.  I've immediately realised that the model's eyes were clearly drawn, the focal point of the painting. A rest of the work is softly blurred. Air brush works very well. A slight and delicate colour, thin raw sienna? is put around the model that contrasts to the background created in a very, very modest raw sienna plus patchy green? It comes out like a black and white from a distnce. Fiona's tender approach shows women's delicacy and the model displays an experienced career woman's dignity and elegance.  

2014 Archibald Winner, Fiona Lowry, "Penelope Seidler," Medium acrylic on canvas

Sketching finalists' work gives me wonderful insights of technical and psychological aspects of creators. **Please pay attention to gallery visitors' height like a scale that tells how big work is.
NSW Art Gallery
Sketched it before opened. Cold, early in the morning!

A bit coffee break for you. Tada~~, a hot and controversial work! An artist is kissing Subject, Missy Higgins (*popular Australian singer song writer) --- has got in. To this hot subject, viewers' reactions are quite interesting. Men show very negative responses to this work. On the other hand, women look neutral or swinging between acceptance or disapproval. In the sketch, I put both man and woman. Although each painting has a tag, plain writing for "kids" to help understand work, this work does not have it. 

Sophia Hewson, "Atrtist kissses subject," oil on board
Regarding an entry condition of "model's publicity," the staff emphasised, "It's "preferably," a public figure." I interpreted, "It gives artists room and flexibility. Any model is acceptable?" The staff affirmed my say. Then, the staff encourages me to put work. Thank you. For example, Anh Dohas created his father's portrait in strong strokes and vivid colours. Yet, his colour use is very sensitive that shows a well-organised "value." Anh Do is a multi talented person : a successful comedian, TV presenter, author and fine artist/portraitist. His refugee experience from Vietnam has become a children picture book, too. In our society, if a person keeps a positive attitude, I believe, always nice people support diadvantaged people and it opens doors. That's the beauty of human society.  
Anh Do, "Father," Oil on Canvas
Our faces fascinate me most in drawing subjects. Eyes, eyebrows, mouth, ears etc, etc, "landscapes" in each face tell a story profound, precious and different. Yet, we have commonality and can mutually embrace. My mentor Ann James says, "Your positivity and watercolour and seeing and reflecting people so well is partly because you feel so much." Yes, I feel something that intrigues me to keep drawing people. 
I happily work on portraits.   

BTW, Hooray!!!!! Regarding CBCA book of the year 2014, 
CBCA announced winners and honour books.

Congrats for all the people!
Also, Crichton Award for New Illustrators is,

We celebrated my mentor
Ann James and editor Helen Chamberlin's awards. A lovely author, Janeen Brian and Ann illustrated "I'm a Dirty Dinosaur," has become an honoured book for Early Childhood. (*I once illustrated Janeen's text.)  
Shaun Tan's work, "Rules of Summer" won "Picture Book." Of course, that book was edited by a brilliant editor, Helen Chamberlin! Helen, you're great! 

Friends, Happy Painting!!! 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Week16-22 Aug, Stay Tuned Picture Book of the Year, Dromkeen Medal Winners

Hi, Friends, thank you so much for your warm cheers and donations! Wesley Mission, my clients and I are very happy. Let us hope this project will go on.
Now, August is the book month in Australia. We celebrate a Book Week in the middle of August every year. The Children's Book Council of Australia honours and celebrates the work of Australian authors and illustrators. Highlight is the announcement of the Book of the Year. Winners will be announced at noon on Friday, August 15. Stay tuned CBCA facebook and CBCA twitterThen, the celebrations begin!
This year's theme is "Connect to reading ~ Reading to connect." 
My favorite say certainly tells a book is the best companion for us, 
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. 
Inside of a dog it's too dark to read," by Groucho Marx, hehehehehe!!! 
2014's Children Book Week logo is designed by Ron Brooks, the illustrator who won 2013 Picture Book of the Year.

How do you interpret the interesting theme above? Any interpretation could be possible about the theme. Time and society is changing dramatically and rapidly. Technology, in particular, digitisation and Internet are shaping concepts of books and forms of texts. We connect others through a variety of media. It impacts on communication styles and methods that alter human interactions. Nowadays, contemporary children play with digital media better than me, an old generation.     

But I feel very the basic element in reading is communication between a reader and characters in books. It's like a play catch, I feel. What do you think, Friends? In books, we appreciate sharing time with characters and experience life together. We explore story and step into our inner world or we travel to other worlds, too. Even, we grow with favorite characters in our sweet memories --- in fact, personas have been created by an author/illustrator, triumphs of human creativity! Then, through reading books, socialisation happens among us. I sketched people reading books in train. A book opens our conversations. We share our emotions with others and exchange productive opinions in family, at school, in community, on net, at else where in society. We connect ourselves and others by reading books. I have been a book warm since childhood. As far as I know, famous authors and successful book illustrators are all very good book readers.
Reading books is, for me, not passive, but very creative activities and communication methods with others and ourselves. Indeed, how we, picture book illustrators interpret texts is equal to reading texts for tens of millions times.

Another big event is the announcement of Dromkeen Medal and Dromkeen Librarian’s Award winners. Who will be honoured? 

In addition, Short List & Notables 2014 are below. 
All listed works are lovely! Wish them good luck and all the best! 
**My mentor Ann James's illustrated picture book, "I'm a dirty dinosaur," is in "Early Childhood Notables." Ann used "real" mud in the illustration
Also, previous Book Week slogans and image creators are here.

Special thanks for warm cheers. The hands' pains are being healed. Soon, I'll see the hand specialist.
Friends, Happy Painting and Happy Reading!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Photos of Wesley Building Dreams exhibition & Emily Dickinson's poem, "If I can stop..."

Hi, Friends, today, Sunday 10 August is the last day of Wesley Building Dreams inclusive art exhibition. It's open in Wesley Mission foyer at 220 Pitt Street from 9 am to 5 pm. A hop, step, jump from Town Hall station. Come and see the exhibition for a strictly limited time! These photos are in the courtesy of Wesley media team.

The Building Dreams exhibition displays both, our wonderful clients and school students, which illustrates community diversity and inclusion. Each school child's tag and statement is so touching and moving. Oh, please come and read them all. It's worth spending time. You'll find children's pure dreams and their inner worlds from innocent wishes to serious hopes for universal themes such as wellbeing, world peace and so on. 
We know technically sophisticated works do not always reach at our hearts. Simple, yet, a strong and honest message comes into our hearts. The same is true of our job, children picture book illustration. These drawings are all precious master pieces in my eyes. 
One client actually bought brushes on her own and started painting after my mentoring, even though none of my students has never touched watercolour paint ever before!!! What a wonderful reward for me! I celebrated it with my team leader. See this beautiful smiling! I'm sure this is, "THIS-ABILITY."
This week Wesley Mission CEO, Rev Dr Keith Garner attended the exhibition. He met Wesley Disability Services clients and me. I heartily appreciate this project offered by Wesley Mission and their great back up. 
Also, ... I have to confess that tears were coming up in the eyes, when I saw my clients --- once, who had been extremely shy --- were full of confident and happily answering Rev Dr Keith Garner!!!  Oh, what a reward for me! I, again, celebrated it with my team leader.

Lastly, I'd dedicate my favorite Emily Dickinson's poem for our humble clients. Without noticing, they have been giving us the meaning of life, certainly and surely. 

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain. 
You can also support the initiative here:

I hope we can carry on this project as a respite for clients' carers who are already burnt out. Also, I hope to bring joy and assist clients to have self-esteem and creativity, while maximising their talents. 

Friends, thank you very much for your wonderful support and warm cheers for this project. Your comments and emails have supported me at a tough time.  
Friends, Happy Painting!!! 
**We set lego for children.  Come over, kids!!
Click here, "Wesley Mission Facebook." 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Silent Auction of My 4 Watercolour Works for Wesley Donation 3-10 August,220 Pitt St Sydney!

Hi, Friends, Wesley exhibition has started up well. Please pass on this post to others interested in donation. My four watercolour paintings are set for silent auction for fund raising : "Sydney University," "Children in a Tree," "Flowers," and "A mentree and Sadami." All works are original, signed by me and size A4 (Arches, 300gsm).
@ Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000(map). Contact 02 9263 5500 

Yes, my sketch of our uni's clock tower! We often got together there. A stone building is lovely. A kind professor and linguist has invited me for tea. When I finish up this Wesley Building Dreams project, I'd like to tell her my wonderful experiences in this project.
These flowers, "Greviellea" are very common and native in Australia. Birds enjoy nectar. Can you feel an Australian breeze in this work?  
This is my part of character design for picture book illustration. 
I used to love a "picnic" in a tree like these kids. 
This is my mentree and me. 
Today, I met people at the exhibition :  volunteers, visitors, and a school teacher for special education. Wonderful time we shared. The teacher shed tears with my say...(*...and me, too.) I perfectly understand how much she's struggled and kept silence because of confidentiality of info in education. Also, most volunteers are youngish ladies at uni. We chatted over "dreams"! Yey!! All of us have promised to get together again and to keep in touch! My social worker friends celebrate my contribution and encourage me so much! 
... a bit embarrassing?! They all had watched a video on a wall and wanted to take photos being with me, saying, "I met her(=an artist)." I felt like running away!! (*Wesley Mission produced the record/image of this project that has my mentrees and me in it. Yes, ... I'm a bit shy.) 
Anyway, I hope all the visitors will make their dreams come true!! 

We'd love to see you here! 
Wesley building dreams exhibition 3-10 August (*facebook link)
Where: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000(map). Contact 02 9263 5500 
Yes, @ the heart of Sydney! Closest train station : Town Hall. 
Cost : Free 
Opening Hours : Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm. Except Saturday 9 August.
More Info : Wesley Mission 1800 021 821 

Friends, thank you for warm cheers. 
Happy Painting!!! 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wesley Exhibition 3-10 August,220 Pitt St Sydney!

Hi, Friends, if you come near, please come. 
Wesley building dreams exhibition 3-10 August (*facebook link)
Where: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000(map). Contact 02 9263 5500 
Yes, @ the heart of Sydney! Closest train station : Town Hall. 
Cost : Free 
Opening Hours : Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm. Except Saturday 9 August.
More Info : Wesley Mission 1800 021 821 
Artworks are created by people with disability and school children joining our competition. Each piece of art will be designed to promote inclusiveness and the importance of recognising people's dreams and aspirations.
Children aged 6–18 can join an special art competition with the winning artworks featured in the exhibition. Five selected submissions will win $150 prize packs from our major partner Eckersley's Art & Craft.
If you, or anyone you know would be interested in it, an entry form is here.

Many children have already taken part the comp through their school. 
Best wishes to the participating schools. These schools are involved:
Cromer Public School
Kensington Public School
Nuwarra Public School
Lucas Heights Community School
Manifold Public School
Bulli Public School
The Oaks Public School
Tullibigeal centenary celebration page
West Ryde Public School
Attunga Public School 

Friends, thank you so much for visiting this blog and encouragements. Wesley team and I really appreciate your warm national and international cheers. Children, thank you for participating this event.
Also, my special thanks to the Wesley team and my wonderful mentrees. 

You, too, have a wonderful weekend and a week. And paint dreams and love!

Happy Painting!!!

**Click the image below. It will take you to Wesley's facebook.